About us

When we started out supporting business, car phones used a big box in the boot and twin mounted antennas. PC’s ran with two 5″ floppy drives and text communication across cables was something we needed a teleprinter for – until the fax arrived !

Now times have changed and even the smallest business has a huge choice of devices to use almost anywhere, with internet access now the key to connectivity.

Our role is to support your business. We think technology should work for you and function how you need it to, by providing assets you can use daily and making the complex look easy, so that you work with the systems and not the settings.

Yes, we know it’s so easy to fall prey to duplication as many devices have similar features and all want to be in control, but by limiting the role of what you have, to what you need it to do, we help create workable systems and processes for you.

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