Quick Remote Support

For a quick connection to your desktop to provide Remote Support or File Transfer with security, we suggest you run this QS version of TeamViewer. Downloading this version requires you to call or email us with a ‘one time’ password on each occasion we are required to connect with you. This is a security measure to avoid unauthorised access.

See our easy to follow guide below for how to allow a quick remote connection to your desktop, then click on the TeamViewer image below…

Quick Remote Support

Step 1

Click to download 'TeamViewer QS' and a 'Save As' dialog box will appear. From the left hand explorer window choose your Desktop as a convenient location then click 'Save'


Double click on the 'TeamViewerQS' icon to open this file and click 'Run', If asked to make changes to your computer click 'Yes' (please remember to close any confidential documents not required on this call)

Step 3

You are now ready for us to connect to your desktop. Let us know both 'Your ID' and 'Password' for this one time session

For managed support on regular basis we recommend the full version of TeamViewer, see our guide ‘Managed Remote Support’