Database Design and Support

Do you have critical information stored on multiple spreadsheets, but still don’t see the full picture?

Well designed databases store organised lists of information that need to be accessed in different ways for different purposes. They may store information such as customers, services, products, transactions, etc. Databases are essential in keeping track of information and storing it all in one place, without duplication.

Why not just use spreadsheets?, while a spreadsheet is great at storing and organising numbers, a database goes beyond this by analysing and connecting lists of data together so you can sort, extract and summarise the result. This may sound complicated but using a database to enter and retrieve your information is a breeze with our collection of well designed forms and reports

Our database solutions can be for a single user on one PC or accessed from your network by multiple users.  See our network storage systems which are built for this purpose and you will have no need to buy additional software.

If you want to rationalise your existing data from spreadsheets or start with a new application, get in touch and find out what we have to offer.

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