Network Data Sharing Solutions

When you need the reliability and speed of a good file server and don’t need a software headache!

Our prefered range of Network Attached Storage (NAS) systems provide secure multi user networking capabilities with hardware reliance utilising multiple hard drives in failsafe configurations. Combined with a new operating system and multi-tasking design, operational efficiency has now been increased far beyond traditional windows servers.

In configurations from 2 to 8 discs and agile processors these units create powerful networked storage centres with synchronisation, remote and backup facilities. No need to buy and maintain Windows server software as access rights support multiple users, groups, shares and quota management.

Features and applications are continually expanding but our primary applications are to provide data services, including solutions detailed on this website;

  • Hosting backend structure of our Databases
  • Hosting Accounting data files for Sage 50
  • Public data shared across all networked users
  • Private data for dedicated users
  • Synchronising our off-site Data Backup service

If you need to replace a failing server, upgrade your network to support better file sharing, reliably host database and accounting data or just ensure you have an backup for disater recovery, get in touch and find out what we have to offer.

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