Offsite Data Backup Service

RTRR Server

Backing up data files is a must for every business, as it only takes one random hard drive crash and you could lose all your irreplaceable files and documents. Database and Accounting records being the most critical but where would your business be without all those vital documents you use every day? It’s now more important than ever to have these backed up securely.

Daily, weekly and monthly backup routines are important but so too is the location of your backup data. Placing removeable drives in a desk drawer may not protect  you against theft, fire and flood and moving devices off-site in a briefcase or handbag is asking for trouble. Assuming someone remembered to run a backup in the first instance.

Our solution makes use of secure replication services integral to our NAS systems, which you will find in Network Data Sharing. As standard, we configure your device to synchronise at regular 24 hour intervals backing up all new and altered data, so you will always have a complete copy of locally stored data should disaster strike.

Be aware that many low cost cloud solutions distribute and compress your data which then need equipment with the same setup for retrieval – not much help if your IT is no longer in place. Our replication service has an exact copy of your last backup available for immediate access to copy on temporary or replacement hardware and get you up and running fast.


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