Tips on choosing a Domain Name

Keep it short, keep it simple if you can.

To find your site people need to be able to remember your address and easily type it into their browser. Aim to register the shortest name that your customers and visitors will associate with your website. But, if your short name is already taken write out your name in full with no hyphens (just like ours!) and search for a meaningful Top Level Domain (TLD) like, .uk, .com, .eu, .net, .org…? and we now have dozens of new domains to personalise your business such as; agency .builders .dance .expert .gift .lighting .menu

It is a good idea to register several similar domain names, particularly if you own a trademark for a certain name. If possible, register the, .uk, .com, .eu and .net. These are the most popular domain names and by registering all of them you can help to prevent cyber squatters and losing website traffic.

Consider common typos

If you have a domain name that can easily be pluralised or misspelled consider registering those as well to stop traffic going elsewhere, e.g. is redirected to